Crew Accommodation

Xenia CrewIn

Xenia handles the entire crew transfer and hotel accommodation process for airlines, railways, shipping lines, cargo, etc. by identifying the most appropriate means and hospitality facilities as well as negotiating the rates for passengers and crew, both for scheduled travel and for travel disruptions, layovers, and rerouting.

Our extensive network of partners enables us to guarantee quick responses, high standards of quality, punctuality, and support worldwide.

We conduct targeted negotiations that take into account the rules and travel policy of each company (airlines, railways, shipping lines, etc.) as well as their expectations in terms of budget, quality standards, services, and payment methods.

Agreements with hotels are set out in contracts in accordance with a model based on individual client needs which sets out the specific contractual elements of a qualitative and economic nature such as room type, the quota of rooms in an allotment, pricing tiers, time limits and release of rooms, penalties, invoicing and reporting methods, etc.

Xenia CrewIn offers an extremely flexible service, guaranteeing availability by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our operators standing by to provide support in handling urgent issues from any airport, port, or railway station.

Xenia can book hotels worldwide using both traditional channels and its proprietary system, which compiles a list of preferred hotels for each client.

Constant implementation of our service models and systems, as well as research and development into innovative solutions, make our services top of the line, providing quick responses to every new operating requirement.

Benefits of the Xenia CrewIn service:

  • dedicated teams and multilingual operators specialised in handling urgent needs;
  • concierge service for top management;
  • our management systems can be integrated with your system;
  • highly advanced technological features;
  • available 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • personal knowledge of the hotels and topographic features of the destinations;
  • knowledge of the location of primary and secondary railway stations, airports, and ports;
  • expertise on the needs of crews;

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