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Global Distribution System - XENIAtoBOOK

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are standard professional platforms that allow hotels to access the corporate market, enabling distribution of their hospitality product among travel agencies as well.

XENIAtoBOOK is the distribution channel created by Xenia enabling hotels to be represented and connected to over 600,000 terminals in specialised travel agencies worldwide. It connects its partner hotels quickly, easily, and efficiently within a global distribution system. Our technology enables hotels to sell their rooms simultaneously through all GDS systems: Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre, and Worldspan.

In addition to GDS distribution, our platform allows custom or generic pricing profiles to be created for B2B channels (travel agencies, tour operators, wholesalers, and corporate) as well as B2C channels (end clients).

We transfer all data to the GDS systems in a clear way and in real time, allowing posted information to be kept constantly up to date. Our personalised business intelligence systems provide our partner hotels with useful information for keeping up with industry trends, anticipating client needs, and maximising profits.

We manage connections to the distribution channels with professionalism, expertise, and personalised solutions to improve the reputation of our partner hotels and enable them to access the reference financial data. We combine our technological services with those based on commercial and technical development, following more innovative and effective international examples.

By connecting to our system, which has access to over 40 connected channel managers, hotels can manage availability and rates in a dynamic way, at the same time making use of the support of Xenia in setting RFP rates for companies and consortia within the system.

Our organisational model ensures efficiency and flexibility for our partners: their needs and reputation are what constantly drives us to improve performance.

Benefits of using XENIAtoBOOK:

  • ability to enter rates and booking conditions
  • high level of customisation for each hotel
  • compatible for use with other systems
  • innovation and flexibility thanks to advanced technology and broad-ranging connectivity
  • preferential negotiation for corporate and leisure sectors

For more information regarding Xenia to Book please visit our website https://www.xeniatobook.com

a dedicated page can be created in the XENIAtoBOOK extranet for hotels without channel managers.

Integrated channel managers.

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