Xenia S.p.A. became a Benefit Corporation.

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Hotel Management - PHI HOTELS

PHI Hotels is the new Italian brand in independent hospitality that represents the division of Xenia serving companies interested in increasing the value and growth of their hotels.

PHI Hotels supports hotels and accommodation facilities of all kinds and sizes in properly applying revenue management techniques, controlling management, training staff, utilising web marketing strategies, and implementing the most suitable technological tools.

We choose the hotels based on the specific features they start with and their development potential: we protect and enhance the value of their identity and uniqueness, bringing the quality and guarantee of our tools and professionalism.

After a careful critical analysis of the performance indicators, we form a personalised strategic plan for achieving business goals and take over the direct management of the hotel, developing and promoting cutting-edge instruments to improve and monitor economic and operating performance.

We take the place of the hotel ownership, fostering an evolution of company strategies to give an adequate response to new scenarios that require increasingly specialised services.

Our remarkable aptitude for analysis and management of critical organisational, commercial, and financial issues enables us to plan choices and take consistent steps to guarantee a solid, lasting client portfolio destined to grow over time.

We strive for constant increase in the yield of hotel businesses, with a spirit of innovation and economic efficiency.

Benefits to affiliating with PHI Hotels:

  • introduction of a hospitality style that preserves the hotel's identity and uniqueness;
  • increased development through management of operations, sales, and administration;
  • constant efforts towards increasing the yield of hotel businesses with a spirit of innovation and economic efficiency;
  • carefully planned steps to guarantee a solid, lasting client portfolio destined to grow over time;
  • implementation of business intelligence, data analysis, and technology tools;
  • complete updating of the hotel, from its image to its operating revenues.

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