Xenia S.p.A. became a Benefit Corporation.

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About Us

30 years of sales and management experience in the travel industry.

Our company was founded in 1992 as Seneca S.p.A., a leader in the business travel industry due to its flexibility, quality, and personalised services. After transferring its business travel division in 2015, the company embraced its specialisation in the hotel sector and embarked upon a development plan with business models and solutions applied to both supply and demand in the industry, changing its name to Xenia S.p.A.

Under its new corporate plan, its activities have centred exclusively on data analysis and business intelligence as well as accommodation, with a special focus on:

  • transfers and hotel accommodation for crews of airlines, railways, shipping lines, etc.;
  • hotel distribution among B2B and online channels;
  • direct management of hotels.

Starting in 2015, Xenia has grouped over 1,500 hotels in Italy and elsewhere in Europe into its own distribution system and built a group of 8 directly managed hotels under the brand PHI Hotels.

Today, Xenia boasts a considerable presence in the hospitality industry, expanding its services for supply and demand.

Internationally recognised as a leading player in crew accommodation, hotel distribution, travel management, and data analysis and forecasting, Xenia has set the standard for travel and technology supply and demand, proactively developing or reinventing the solutions needed.

The element that sets all of Xenia's services apart is personalisation: an entirely client-oriented approach capable of meeting every possible need, quite unlike standardised business models.

The indispensable technological innovation of its operational tools shows its commitment to research and implementation within the company, successfully combining continuous evolution with customer care.

Our proprietary management system and constant research and development activities in our dedicated internal department, which produces quantitative and qualitative benchmarking models and tools for accommodation and travel industry services, ensure versatility, features for interfacing with third-party systems, and fast response times.

Our highly flexible operating models are in line with the most advanced IT solutions.

“We deal with clients and partners who are increasingly evolved and informed, who think more critically. The close interconnection between each player in the business presents a great opportunity – through constant, professional data analysis – to put in place increasingly sophisticated strategies to reach high performance and satisfaction levels for all stakeholders.”

Taken from the ancient Greek, the term Xenia expresses our concept of hospitality in its  broadest sense, in terms of our services (hotel accommodation, hospitality process, know-how and expertise in the travel industry) and our approach to clients.

Keeping an eye on evolving scenarios in and beyond its own industry, Xenia is rethinking its business models, aware that it must change in order to produce change.

In 2021 it became a Benefit Corporation "Società Benefit", changing its business name to Xenia S.p.A. SB.

The initiative emerged from a need which is deeply rooted in its concept of doing business and its entrepreneurial philosophy, which aims to “give continuity to accommodating, assisting, educating, and training” the disadvantaged, elderly people living alone, differently able people, the needy in general, and anyone experiencing educational poverty.

The culture that Xenia spreads by its example aims to uphold responsible, accessible, inclusive, and socially beneficial accommodation.

In the same year, Xenia SpA SB together with Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza of Turin establishes Panfilia Impresa Sociale S.r.l., a reality capable of enclosing, expressing, including and preserving the profound sense of solidarity towards those in need and those who are less fortunate.

A novelty that gives life to the first fourth sector initiative where the principles of solidarity, typical of the third sector, are combined with the will of becoming actors of social responsibility.

With its divisions PHI Hotels, GDS Distribution, and Crew Accommodation, Xenia offers consulting, products, and services to organisations of all sizes: hotels, airlines, railway lines, and shipping lines; public and private concerns; and travel management companies throughout the world.