Xenia S.p.A. became a Benefit Corporation.

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The Group

All the brands of the PHI GROUP are connected, preserving their identity and concentrating on their own core business so as to stay competitive in the market.

PHI S.r.l.

The Holding Company PHI S.r.l. manages all the Group's activities, directly or indirectly. It does not perform operating functions.

Xenia S.p.A. SB

The Group's primary company, Xenia S.p.A. SB, offers distribution, management, and hotel accommodation services. It holds the PHI Hotels brand and is the parent company of Xenia International Ltd.

Xenia Balkan Sh.p.k.

Xenia Balkan Sh.p.k. and the branch Xenia Balkan Service, with offices in Tirana, manage all operations in Albania.

Thot S.r.l.

Thot S.r.l., with its brand Thot Ricerca e Statistica, is in charge of data analysis and business intelligence in all the sectors of the market involving the marketing of services.

Xenia International Ltd.

Xenia International Ltd., a company under British law, manages promotion and sales in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

PHI Hotels

PHI Hotels is the brand with which Xenia S.p.A. SB acquires independent hotels and takes over their direct management, overseeing all sales and representation activities for every type of client.

Affiliate Phi Hotels

It is the brand for hotel partner affiliation.


It is the Swiss-registered Company that leads the Company's initiatives in Switzerland and Germany.