Xenia is a company that believes in the possibility of a better future, and chooses to contribute tangibly to a progress that is driven by the sharing of wellbeing and respect for the environment, based on the culture of the local territory, a passion for quality, and respect for work.

With its achievement of B Corp certification, Xenia joins an international network of companies that aspire to reconcile the economic sustainability of their businesses with ethics, generating a positive impact on their internal organizations, society, and the environment

Being a B Corp means creating sustainable, lasting, and shared value, meeting increasingly higher standards of environmental protection and social equity, striving to overcome the current dichotomy between profit and non-profit, and embracing more circular and inclusive production models that do not sacrifice economic sustainability.


Xenia participates in the global movement promoted by B Lab™, a non-profit organization founded in 2006 with the idea that a different kind of economy is not only possible, but also necessary, and that businesses can lead the way toward a new model that focuses on the stakeholders, i.e. all those involved directly or indirectly within the communities in which the companies operate. The letter B stands for “Benefit for all”.


To achieve B Corp certification, it is necessary to pass a rigorous assessment and verification procedure involving all company departments, comprising an analysis of every aspect of the production and organization model.

The Benefit Impact Assessment is based on the sustainability practices, initiatives, and results achieved in the areas of Governance, People, Community, and Environment.

B Corp-certified Xenia S.p.A. SB joins a global movement of companies working collectively to redefine the concept of success in business.

B Corps compete not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.