Xenia is a joint-stock company not subject to coordination by any parent companies. Xenia has provided itself with a governance system in line with its needs and compliant with the applicable regulatory framework. It has adopted a “traditional” governance model characterised by a Board of Directors and a Board of Auditors, each with its separate roles. Its legal auditing is entrusted to an independent auditing company.

Our governing bodies:

General Meeting of Shareholders.

This is the company body that expresses the will of the shareholders and makes the most significant decisions affecting company life, including appointing and removing members of the Board of Directors and Board of Auditors, approving the budget, and deciding on changes to the articles of association and extraordinary operations.

Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meets periodically to examine and decide on mangement performance, final results, proposals regarding the organisational model, and operations of strategic importance. It is currently made up of six members, four of whom are independent Directors from outside the Company. The other members are the CFO and the CEO, who is also the main shareholder.

Ercolino Ranieri (Presidente e Amministratore Delegato)
Maria Di Rosato
Ennio Amendola
Mauro Cencioni
Ermando Bozza
Giulio Caso

Board of Auditors.

This is composed of three regular auditors and two deputies appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. It ensures compliance with the law and with the Articles of Association as well as observance of good administrative practice, and in particular monitors the actual functioning and suitability of the organisational, administrative, and accounting structure that the company has adopted.

Venanzio Paciocco (Presidente)
Antonio Ianieri
Gabriele Bascelli

Supervisory Board.

This is a body named by the Board of Directors pursuant to the Model 231 approved by the Board itself, formed by three independent members appointed for three years.

Avv.Luigi Pecorario (Presidente)
Dott. Marco Giuliani
Prof. Francesco De Luca


Legal auditing is entrusted to KPMG S.p.A.