Code of Ethics

Xenia's rules and values.

In February of 2019 Xenia established a new Code of Ethics in order to update and expand upon the principles and rules of conduct to be followed in relationships with all the company's stakeholders, particularly with reference to relationships with suppliers, partners, the market, and stakeholders in general, highlighting specific foreseeable issues regarding conflict of interest; efforts against corruption, money laundering, and terrorism; health and safety, the environment; and privacy.

The new Code of Ethics responds to, identifies, and informs about the principles of behaviour that must be adhered to by administrators, employees, and all those who work to achieve the company objectives, additionally requiring them to ensure others comply with the principles contained therein as part of their own roles and responsibilities.

The new Code of Ethics joins the recent initiative to update the company's Model 231 and the release of the Whistleblowing Operating Procedure: the values of transparency, lawfulness, and ethics in behaviour characterise the way we work, helping to affirm the company's constant dedication to the social and economic contexts in which it operates.